TEDx Speaker & Coach - Jenilee Taylor

Employee Engagement:
Motivation and Impact

Motivation is the secret to an organization’s ability to attract, retain and engage employees. This also has a major impact on profitability, productivity and the reputation of the company. Successful organizations believe that employee engagement is the crucial ingredient in maintaining their leadership and industry growth. Jenilee will teach how to stay personally engaged, and techniques managers can use to help energize their employee’s passion at the same time. This session will show how to solidify retention, reduce turnover and impact job satisfaction.

Customer Service: When the Customer Isn’t Right

The customer is not always right, but they are always your customer! This will not be a seminar on how to smile at every customer, but an in-depth look at difficult customer. Why do they behave the way they do? You will learn how make your customers feel heard without compromising your service or policies. 

Jenilee Taylor - Customer Service Speaker

Emotional Glitter:
The Power of Connection

What attracts you emotionally to another person? Connection. Connection is an energy between two people that makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. What could be more powerful than knowing how to form those deep connections? In this seminar you will learn insight on how to form these connections through emotional glitter, the sparkly bits that make each of us who we are.

Presentation Skills: As Easy as Following a Recipe

Jenilee was an overachiever growing up, especially when it came to earning badges in Girl Scouts. That is, until it came to her cooking badge. After many failed attempts, and upset stomachs, she gave up on earning that one coveted designation. She spent many years thinking that she couldn’t cook. Until one day she realized that all she had to do was follow a recipe! Do you tell yourself that you can’t speak in front of others? Does presenting to a group give you an upset stomach? Jenilee will share the recipe to easing that tension, and earning you accolades in front of a group.

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    Customized Speech Coaching w/ Jenilee TaylorDo you start to panic just at the thought of giving a presentation, facilitating a meeting, or even just introducing yourself to someone you don’t know?

    I can teach you how to overcome that fear, and show you how to communicate with poise and confidence. If you believe you already have found that poise, I can help elevate your skills to the next level.

    No two speakers are alike, and because of this I will work with you to build a individualized training program that best fits your speaking style, personality, and goals. Virtual and in-person sessions are available to accommodate your schedule.

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